Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus


"To the teachers of Belarus, as you start the new school year. I hope you will provide students with oportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit".

Children can not only develop their thinking, but also have the opportunity to express themselves and better understand who they are in fact, we used 4 basic principles when developing Scratch: projects, partners, passion, play...

Invitation to the pilot project “Scratch + Micro:bit”.

By the beginning of the new school year, the second edition of the publication “Scratch Programming” has been prepared.

“Easy and simple” - this is the motto under which Hi-Tech Park conducts lessons on the programming language to the Scratch teachers.

The first Belarusian Scratch sticker pack (Scratch_HTP) is already available to all Telegram users.

The kids tell how they started to practice Scratch.

About first visit of Mitchel Resnick to Belarus.

Later this year a new version of Scratch - 3.0. is coming out. During the meeting with Belarusian teachers in the Hi-Tech Park on May 16, 2018 Mitchel Resnick gave them a sneak peek at Scratch 3.0.

"We want to help people to see themselves in a new way. We want to show to all chidren that they can be contributors in the society",-said Mitchel Resnick in HTP 2018/05/16.  

«My dream is to meet the creator of Scratch. Shake his hand, ask him how he thought up with such an interesting idea to create Scratch. I will be happy if my dream comes true» started the Scratch-Story of Anastasia Ralovets, pupil of Grade 4 in Dokshitsy Secondary School №. 2. 

In his speech during the meeting with Belarusian teachers in the Hi-Tech Park on May 16, 2018 Mitchel Resnick highlighted the approach based on four guiding principles, the so-called “Four P's of Creative Learning”: projects, partners, passion and play. This approach became the basis of Scratch programming environment.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Hi-Tech Park invite pupils to take part in the in the Programming in Scratch Contest!!

The Educational Center of the Hi-Tech Park invites teachers and students to take online course "Scratch for beginners".

On February 10-11 the final stage of the open competition for teachers Scratch Master was held in the Hi-Tech Park in Minsk.