Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus


44 teachers joined the Belarusian Scratch community.

The course starts January 15 and finishes February 15.

We invite teachers who conduct elective classes in Scratch to participate in Scratch Master competition.

The last days of December is the time to sum up the results of the year that is now ending, and to plan the future. 

We invite primary school and informatics teachers to join the educational project Programming in Scratch.

The HTP resident company ScienceSoft pesented 14 computers to the Baran Gymnasium.

Dear Teachers!  Dear participants of the Programming in Scratch project! We congratulate you on the Knowledge Day! September 1 is the day when knowledge springs as on this day students go to school for the first time and start learning. For the IT industry, knowledge is a basis for the development. Information technology is changing constantly so IT professionals are lifelong learners. We want to say Thank You to all of you for your efforts in educating young people. Your wisdom, experience, responsibility, and energy are crucial for the educational process. You determine what knowledge students will have after graduation and how professional they will be when they start working. The work we did during ...

Mitchel Resnick admired the work of Belarusian teachers – Scratch Belarus community members.

At the 2017 Scratch conference in Bordeaux (France) celebrating 10 years of Scratch, Mitchel Resnick spoke about the approach based on four core elements, sometimes called the Four P's of Creative Learning: Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play.

This year, scratchers all around the world celebrate the 10th anniversary of Scratch. Children, parents, and educators gather at Scratch Day events. International conferences on Scratch are organized in France, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, and China.

On April 8-9, the finals of the Programming in Scratch contest were held in Orsha.

The judges selected finalists of the Programming in Scratch contest.

The second stage of the Programming in Scratch competition started on March 25. This year, 481 school students from all regions of Belarus sent their projects to compete – 1.6 times as high as last year.

The Hi-Tech Park invites school students to participate in the Programming in Scratch competition!

After communicating with teachers and students, one cannot doubt the fact that the children are truly enjoying learning programming in Scratch within the framework of the educational project Programming is the New Literacy.