Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Christmas Gifts From Hi-Tech Park

Holiday magic fills the air, and our hearts are open to unexpected wonders. It is time for Christmas gifts. Children write their letters to Ded Moroz (the Russian Santa Claus). Dozens of wish letters have been sent to the Hi-Tech Park.

HTP resident-companies helped to fulfill all the wishes.

In December 15 computer science classrooms were equipped in Mogilev Secondary School No.45, Glubokoe Secondary School No.3, Vitebsk Secondary School No.15, Lelchitsy Secondary School No.1, Postavy Secondary School No.1, Dokshitsy Secondary School No.2, Kletsk Center for Children's Creativity, Valishche Secondary School, Krulevshchina Secondary School, Sittsy Secondary School, Ozertsy Kindergarten and Secondary School of Glubokoe District, and Glubokoe District Gymnasium.

"Scratch is a little wonder which generates wonders. The gift from the Hi-Tech Park is one of such wonders. Thank you for the support and sponsorship. We could not even imagine that our wish would come true, and you would turn your attention to a small regional school," shared her impressions Nina Perednia, informatics teacher at Ozeretsy Kindergarten and Secondary School of Glubokoe District.

All the schools participate in the educational project Programming is the New Literacy.

"I started teaching Scratch in September. 15 students enrolled for the elective class but a month later the number increased several times. The computer science classroom could not hold that many students. Thanks to the gifts from the Hi-Tech Park residents, our school got a new computer science classroom! As a teacher I am happy that students has the opportunity to use modern computers and create their projects in Scratch!" noted Svetlana Meshchenko, informatics teacher at Lelchitsy Secondary School No.1.


The Hi-Tech Park Administration thanks to HTP resident-companies Altoros DevelopmentNextsoftAtlas SOFTMashtabnye resheniyaHiQo SolutionsR-Style LabIBA GroupEPAM SystemsSaM SolutionsTop SoftBanuba DevelopmentCTXM MediaSkywind Tech BYVairon IT, and BAS Innovation for their help and support!