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Dreams Come True!

"I like lessons of Computer Science very much. I always look forward to this class. I want to collect 12 stickers…" In this way started the Scratch-Story of Anastasia Ralovets, pupil of Grade 4 in Dokshitsy Secondary School №. 2. In April 2018 she sent her Scratch-Story to HTP to take part in the contest "My Scratch-Story".


"... My dream is to meet the creator of Scratch. Shake his hand, ask him how he thought up with such an interesting idea to create Scratch. I will be happy if my dream comes true".

Митчел_cut 1_.jpg

Traditionally dreams come true in the Hi-Tech Park!

On May 16, 2018 Nastya had an opportunity not only to meet Mitchel Resnick, but also personally asked him the question how he managed to create Scratch programming language. The professor replied modestly: «With the help of many good people».

The girl shaked the  celebrity's hand, and received a gift with his autograph.

Interview with Nastya  after the meeting with M. Resnick, on ONT channel: