Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

First 350 Members in Junior Scratcher Community

Junior Scratcher

Since the very beginning of the academic year, there has been a serious struggle in the race for knowledge within the Programming is the New Literacy project. Each school student who decided to attend elective classes in Scratch received a personal Student Card from the Hi-Tech Park. Teachers marked students' achievements with special Scratch stickers. At the end of December, the most active students, those who managed to cover the whole card with stickers changed it for the Junior Scratcher T-shirt.

Junior Scratchers from Baran

Zakhar Marusenko, 3rd-grade student of Baran School No.15: "I am happy to participate in the project. I enjoy working with Scratch; my friends and I even meet after classes to do some tasks together. It is awesome that my work was recognized and I became a Junior Scratcher! Now my classmates want to join the Scratch project!"

Angela Tereshchenkova, Informatics Teacher at Lida Secondary School No.17: "On the eve of the New Year, we organized a contest on programming in Scratch, with the best students being awarded the Junior Scratcher title. I wish them enthusiasm to keep going as there are still so many exciting things to do!"

Students of Angela Tereshchenkova, Lida Secondary School No.17

Junior Scratcher is a title assigned to those who can program in Scratch and have demonstrated the best knowledge and skills during electives within the educational project Programming is the New Literacy.

Junior Scratchers from Baran

The Hi-Tech Park congratulates young Scratchers and wishes them new achievements!