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Funny Scratch stickers are already in Telegram!

Stickers are probably the main feature of Telegram. There are a lot of them and hundreds of new sticker packs come out every day. It is known that a well-chosen sticker can replace a thousand words. Therefore, they have firmly entered our lives, becoming an organic part of chatting.


Stickers make our communication easier, faster, brighter and they fill it with emotions. Moreover, they create new possibilities in communicating. Stickers take us beyond language limits - thanks to them, people who speak English, Japanese or Russian can exchange messages between themselves.

Stickers allow you to make new contacts. Just send a sticker and start a dialogue. Even if you speak different languages you can express your feelings and emotions thanks to intuitive pictures.

The first Belarusian Scratch sticker pack (Scratch_HTP) is already available to all Telegram users.

You can install a set in just a few clicks:

after clicking on the link, the browser will offer to open the sticker pack in Telegram application, after which you just need to click on the Add stickers button.