Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Hi-Tech Park launches Pilot Project “Scratch + Micro:Bit”

Dear teachers, participants of the Belarusian Scratch community!

Hi-Tech Park invites interested teachers who provide programming in the Scratch environment to additional activity classes as part of the curriculum “Developing computer games in the visual programming language Scratch” in the 6th grade to participate in the pilot project “Scratch + Micro:bit”.

Please note that in order to participate in the project, the educational institution must have computers with an installed operating system of at least Windows 10 + Scratch 3.0 programming environment + Internet access.

Micro:bit microcontrollers will be provided free of charge by HTP.


Micro:bit is a microcontroller designed for children (from 11-12 years old) and adults with the aim of teaching them programming skills. The main feature of Micro:bit is Bluetooth, a matrix display of 25 LEDs, light and temperature sensors, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. This allows you to start training with the board out of the box, without buying additional modules.

New 3.0 version of the Scratch programming environment has greatly expanded its functionality. A training program was developed at HTP, including 15 training projects on Scratch 3.0 using the Micro:bit microcontroller during the summer holidays.

The developed educational projects allow students to get acquainted with the Micro:bit microcontroller, its purpose and the possibility of software implementation of sprite management in the Scratch environment.

Applications are accepted until September 15, 2019 inclusive.

Due to the large number of applications received from educational institutions, the acceptance of new applications has been suspended.

The results of the consideration of applications received will be announced individually.