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Mitchel Resnick. To Belarus teachers on the eve of the start of a new school year


The European Scratch Conference 2019 took place in Cambridge, UK. On August, 23-25.

During the break between the speeches, Professor Mitchell Resnick, head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's research group Lifelong Kindergarten, co-director of the Scratch Team, conveyed parting words to Belarusian teachers before the new school year:

"To the teachers of Belarus, as you start the new school year. I hope you will provide students with oportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit".

In his speech at the conference, Mitchel Resnick talked about the new features of Scratch 3.0, shared secrets on how to use a creative approach in working with children.

The conference program included thematic events conducted by members of the Scratch community. Conference participants attended seminars, lectures and speeches on various topics, as well as panel discussions for the exchange of experience and knowledge.

One of the sponsors of Scratch Conference 2019 was the HTP company-resident - EPAM Systems.