Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Scratch stories from young Scratchers!

Each story is interesting and touching in its own way. The kids tell how they started to practice Scratch, share their first victories and advise how to overcome difficulties that are encountered in the way of learning Scratch. Young scratchers assure that they forget about all the difficulties when they manage to create the first game that their classmates play.

Nikita, Grade 2

"Good afternoon, dear programmers, the creators of Scratch! I'm Nikita. I am 7 years old I always loved two things: a computer and a Lego constructor. Last year I went to school. And here is a miracle! I met Scratch! Two of my favorite activities are combined into one. I learned how to make live cards, make programs. I hope Scratch helps me become a programmer.

I am writing to thank you for creating such an interesting programming language! "

Elizabeth, Grade 3

"I really like computer science. And recently, I met the fascinating Scratch program and "got crazy" about it, probably. An interesting program with huge capabilities.

I already know how to create multimedia stories, cartoons and simple games. I hope I’ll have a lot of pleasant (though sometimes difficult) lessons ahead, but also a lot of achievements! "

Daniel, Grade 4

"I am Daniel Storgin and I love Scratch. I like to create interesting projects for ingenuity, for math, I like to create new sprites more, draw backgrounds. I create a game and give it to classmates, parents, brothers and even teachers to try. Scratch is my second life, I am fond of scratching every day, I create a new project every day. It's easier said that a new day is a new project. My favorite characters are Gobo and Cat, penguin and a monkey. Scratch is the best computer app. Scratch is the best! Many thanks to the developers of this application! Thanks a lot!!"

Alina, Grade 6

"Hello. As a child of modern times, I can’t imagine my life without various gadgets and the Internet, and it seemed that it just was without much enthusiasm. But having come to school for an elective computer science faculty, our Galina Vasilievna introduced my classmates to an interesting program - Scratch. I want to say that programming and IT technologies never fascinated me, because I thought it was very boring, monotonous, difficult, all this is not for me. Scratch is something like that!

This program is so captivating, allows you to open up, self-develop, develops imagination, raises the mood. It allows you to creatively prepare individual homework. But that's not all, thanks to this program, I have made many friends, who are, like me, very interested in Scratch. We show each other our ideas, we gather to discuss, have fun, share knowledge when creating cartoons. But with this program you can do anything: both slides, and in general everything that your fantasy allows you. But this is not all: I was lucky enough to visit Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy and this program allowed me to quickly find friends in these countries, despite the fact that in Bulgaria and Italy it was difficult to communicate due to the language barrier. But my friend Scratch helped me overcome obstacles, now I have no problems communicating: I understand Bulgarian and I am fluent in Italian. And that’s not all, and again thanks to Scratch I pulled up the math, as my friend Scratch did not stand aside. He developed my logic and taught me how to solve problems. Scratch will not teach bad!"

Vladimir, Grade 6

"I met Scratch at 11 years old, then I was in 5th grade. Once at the classroom hour, our class teacher offered us several elective classes: in mathematics, the Russian language and programming. Then I thought programming was interesting. And I was not mistaken. This is really interesting. When I came to the first lesson, I did not understand anything, and thought that programming is hard. But I was mistaken, in fact - it is very easy. The more I did, the more I understood. And he made the programs more and more complicated. Once I even invited friends here. Now they also work in a Scratch."

Ulyana, Grade 7

"I met Scratch at school elective classes. I have been working with this program for a year now. User-friendly interface, simple commands makes understanding of this environment really quick. Scratch cultivates logic and creativity. As I complete new tasks, I am moving closer to my goals. I always wanted to connect my life with programming. I understand that you need to train in advance. When I started working with Scratch, I realized that this is a great program that anyone can figure out. Now I can realize any idea. Scratch is the start to serious projects. I believe that the future of a brilliant programmer lies at the heart of such seemingly simple programs as Scratch."