Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

SCRATCH WEEK 2020 in Belarus!

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We invite all young scratchers, their teachers and parents to take part in the events of the “Scratch Week 2020 in Belarus”. The events will be held 11/05-15/05.2020/ of May. We together will have fun celebrating the Birthday of Scratch.

At the initiative of Mitchel Resnick and the team of developers of the programming language Scratch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), this year Scratch Day is proposed to be held online.

In this regard, the following online events will be organized for students in grades 1-6:

     11.05 (Monday) - online contest "Happy Birthday Scratch!"

     12.05 (Tuesday) - online battle of Scratch testers

     13.05 (Wednesday) - “AR in Scratch” online marathon

     14.05 (Thursday) - online hackathon for Scratch programmers

Based on the results of participation in the events, the top 10 participants will be awarded the honorary title of Senior Scratcher, and the most active and attentive participants will receive diplomas and certificates.

On the birthday of Scratch - 15/05/2020 - The Hi-Tech Park will hold an open International Online Scratch Olympiad for students from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Participation conditions and Olympiad tasks will be placed in the telegram channel additionally

Do not miss the opportunity to have fun on SCRATCH WEEK 2020!

Play and win during the Scratch celebration of the year!