Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

SCRATCH WEEK 2020 in Belarus. The third day.


The two-day online-marathon "AR in Scratch" has started.

During the online-marathon, the scratchers will have to develop and send their projects with augmented reality elements, performed in Scratch 3.0.

The participants of the online-marathon choose the subject and form of the project (computer game, animation, quest, etc.), but the prerequisite is the use of the new extension function - Video Sensing. It uses a webcam as a sensor to detect movement and color, and allows young scratchers to create their own unique augmented reality worlds, in which it becomes possible to control sprites and other virtual objects using physical interactions, using moving objects from the real world or certain colors, visible through a webcam.

The deadline for submitting projects is 24:00 14/05/2020.

The list of winners of the online marathon will be published in the telegram channel Scratch Day 2020 no later than 16/05/2020.

Read more about the rules of participation and the procedure for holding online-marathon here