Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus

Vadim Bogush: "Scratch Develops Analytical and Creative Thinking"

Vadim Bogush: "Scratch Develops Analytical and Creative Thinking"

– Mr. Bogush, why the Programming is the New Literacy project is so urgent?

– Its urgency is related with the development of a digital society. Today we live in a new information environment, in a new work environment. So being just an ordinary user of information technology is not enough to succeed. We need to be able to work with information efficiently, understand and arrange the relevant processes. Skills related to mathematical and analytical thinking are becoming increasingly demanded.

In short, this topic is hot today. It is interesting to young people. And we may use it to solve a wide range of tasks in education. There are no teachers who do not upgrade their work or learn anything new. Therefore, when the Hi-Tech Park proposed to design the educational project Programming is the New Literacy, we supported the idea. When working together on its implementation plan, we understood that the project would become a good instrument to achieve goals of the education system. The project allows us to work with small children and thus enhance their development.

– Why Scratch was chosen for this purpose?

– While working with Scratch, children learn to think analytically. Each program they create together with a teacher requires the ability to set a task, clarify the initial data, and determine the steps to reach the goal. So the skills of logical and systematic thinking students will obtain will be useful to everyone regardless of their future career. Scratch encourages creative thinking and involves children in search for new solutions. At the same time, it allows organizing the educational process in an entertaining way which is very important.

– What is crucial for the success of the project in your opinion?

– Teachers who completed the training courses are those who realize the idea. It is significant to create a professional community and continuously get their feedback. This will help to exchange experience and improve the programs of the electives in Scratch. So the effective interaction with the participants of an educational project is the key to its success. Teachers’ interest to the project and their eagerness to implement it together with their students are also of great importance. I want to express sincere gratitude towards the teachers who have shown interest and started this journey.

Source: Nastaunickaja Gazeta, September 6, 2016