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Winners of the Programming in Scratch Contest Announced

Programming in Scratch Finals

On April 8-9, the finals of the Programming in Scratch contest were held in Orsha.

31 students from Minsk, Orsha, Gomel, Novopolotsk, Grodno, Mogilev, Baran, Brest, Glubokoe, Dokshitsy, Lida, Polotsk, Miory, and Kirovskaya came to compete; one finalist presented his project remotely via a VoIP application.

The winners are as follows:

Young Scratcher category

  • I Degree Diploma

Ivan Shatilov, Grade 2, Gomel Secondary School No.61, the project Sorter

  • II Degree Diploma

Oleg Romanchik, Grade 2, Minsk Educational Complex No.3, the project Lullaby for Brother

  • II Degree Diploma

Artem Yatsuk, Grade 2, Baran Gymnasium, the project Along the Streets of Semaphoria

World of Animation category

  • I Degree Diploma

Nikita Krivtsov, Grade 3, Orsha Gymnasium No.2, the rpoject Crush

  • II Degree Diploma

Konstantin Ashvilov, Grade 3, Lida Secondary School No.4, the project Confusion

  • III Degree Diploma

Yan Frantskevich, Grade 5, Minsk Gymnasium No.35, the project Winter from Pushkin's Eugene Onegin

Computer Game category

  • I Degree Diploma

Alexander Borisov, Grade 6, Minsk Secondary School No.154, the project Warcraft - BATTLE OF ORC TRIBES

  • II Degree Diploma

Artem Shepelev, Grade 7, Polotsk State Gymnasium No.2, the project Treasure Hunt "Sherlock: The Mysterious House"

  • III Degree Diploma

Oleg Azemsha, Grade 8, Minsk Secondary School No.19, the project Medieval Battleship!

Educational Project in Scratch category

  • I Degree Diploma

Valeria Golovneva, Grade 8, Minsk Secondary School No.80, the project Electromagnetic Phenomena

  • II Degree Diploma

Tatiana Sadovskaya, Grade 7, Grodno Secondary School No.37, the project Coordinates In the Plane

  • III Degree Diploma

Viktor Yakubenok, Grade 9, Glubokoe District Gymnasium, the project Animated Arithmetic

Nikita Khilko, 6th-grade student of Dokshitsy Secondary School No.2, received a special prize of the Academy of Postgraduate Education for his project Mental Calculation Training.

Elena Kemstach, Informatics teacher at Novopolotsk Gymnasium No.1, was awarded a a certificate of appreciation from the Hi-Tech Park for the efforts in developing the IT education and the outstanding training – three finalists developed their projects with her guidance.

The organizers thank the HTP resident-company Gambino which sponsored the contest.

We also thank the HTP resident-companies Vizor Games and Awem for their expertise and judgment.

The Hi-Tech Park congratulates the participants, the finalists, the winners, their parents and teachers and wishes inspiration and every success in their endeavors!

I Degree Diploma Winners Becoming Senior Scratchers
II Degree Diploma Winners
III Degree Diploma Winners
Rector of the Academy of Postgraduate Education Andrei Monastyrski Awarding Nikita Khilko
Special Prizes from Game Stream for Finalists of the Computer Game Category
Elena Kemstach Receiving the Letter of Appreciation
Finalists of the Young Scratcher Category
The World of Animation Category Finalists and Judges
The Youngest Finalist Varvara Semashko, 2nd-grade student of Orsha Secondary School No.12