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Shamilka Samarasinha

Shamilka Samarasinha
Business Consultant CSR at EPAM Systems

"EPAM has been committed to the development of IT education at the Universities in Belarus since 2002. To compliment EPAM’s partnerships with universities, EPAM E-Kids Program was launched in July 2015. Our IT capabilities helped us develop a 10-week program around Scratch for children from 7yrs-14yrs. Today we have 500+ children with 200 EPAM Volunteer trainers across several countries who are part of EPAM E-Kids Program.

It is an honor for EPAM to support HTP in their drive to develop a national curriculum around coding. Mitch Resnick, the founder of Scratch, believes that coding will become the 3rd language of the future. Together we are committed towards our common goal, and that is to teach children coding through fun and creative educational tools such as Scratch. It is with great pleasure we partner HTP in this substantial initiative."