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Ideanomix Digital

Dmitri Gurski

Dmitri Gurski
Founder of Ideanomix Digital (Hi-Tech Park resident) and Ideanomix Publishing House

"Learning programming is useful not only to those who will become programmers in the future. It is like the necessity to study mathematics in the era of calculators and computers – not just to calculate something or do algebraic transformations (which most of us will never apply in real life). Mathematics teaches to think coherently and logically, highlighting structures and links. Programming teaches the same but in a more entertaining form. And the ability to think is useful to absolutely everyone – both technology and humanities specialists.

Very often, there is an obstacle for children to study programming as the programming languages are complicated (syntax, levels of abstraction). Scratch has no such disadvantages. It enables to write quite advanced programs in a visual form by creating algorithms using blocks. Introduction of Programming in Scratch classes will help our schools teach more students to think who will then be ready to efficiently solve challenges of the 21st century."