Educational Project of Belarus Hi-Tech Park and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus


Eugene Wolfson

Eugene Wolfson
Co-Founder and CEO at Syberry

"We are convinced that teaching children to program will not just teach them to solve problems cooperatively, develop their logical thinking and creativity but also will give full play to them in the future when programming skills may become more important than writing.

Game programming is an incredibly fascinating and creative process. Scratch is comprehensible to everybody without any special knowledge and allows children to plunge into the marvelous world of creation and pure creativity.

In the introduction to his remarkable book on programming games and puzzles (Jeux et casse-tête à programmer), Jacques Arsac says: "Those who program their games on their own enjoy twice." This is fully applicable to Scratch. So even if a child is not going to work in the IT industry, Scratch will give him/her rich positive experience, develop skills and enable to face the future with confidence.

We believe that is a guaranteed contribution to the IT future of Belarus, and we are happy to be part of the project."